Snow Policy for S.T.A.R. Program

Normal Service Routes to Snow Emergency Routes

If during a normal service day inclement weather occurs during normal service hours, RADAR will make all efforts to take all clients home that have ridden RADAR to their destinations. Before the arrival of the inclement weather, all clients will be made aware of the impending weather and be encouraged to return to their origin locations early. Once Valley Metro begins on Snow Emergency Routes, all trips will be evaluated for safety and possibly cancelled after that designated time.

Snow Emergency Routes

If Valley Metro starts on Snow Routes, all trips will be evaluated for safety and possibly cancelled for the first day of a snow emergency. If the snow emergency continues into subsequent days and Valley Metro continues on snow routes, trips for planned life-saving medical treatments such as dialysis will be attempted if the trip can be safely completed given the criteria listed below.

Snow Emergency Routes to Normal Service Routes

If Valley Metro continues on Snow Emergency Routes on a subsequent day but resumes Normal Service during the day, RADAR will resume normal service but all trips must meet the below criteria:

Trip Criteria for Clients during Snow Emergencies

  1. Contact your destination to confirm that it is open.
  2. If safe to do so, check to see if your street is safe to travel on and your path to our vehicle is clear of debris, snow and ice.
  3. If your destination is closed, your street is not safe to travel on or your path is not clear, please call to cancel your trip.
  4. If you decided it’s unsafe for you to travel due to the inclement weather, don’t forget to call and cancel your trip.

If for any reason other you decide not to travel with us, please call our office and cancel your trip.

Download Our Inclement Weather Policy